Coats are for rainy Mondays

The goal was to sell the coat, associate it to glamour and happiness; but nothing related to humanity at all.

I wanted empowerment because of the coat, but then I found more rage than power because What kind of empower comes from a coat?

I was assuming clothes gives you confidence. That might create an inordinate dependency on our clothes, while we think the opposite, seeing fashion as a tool to free ourselves, but free us of what? Even I could, I don´t want to develop an analysis of the system, the normativity and how our decisions are influenced by the offer and the roles.

I just wanted to say that I understand a coat as something you use to cover yourself, to warmth yourself whenever you are cold or sad. But usually every advertisement sell clothes related to happiness, and sometimes models look like mannequins for me (because you can´t see anything about their personalities, just they are looking good), so for this reason I chose to express sadness emotions, and make so obvious her face was not important to sell the coat that I even deleted it in some of the pics, as a sign of defiance.

My statement about Fashion is to use it as a tool to express and reassure ourselves, not to judge. To represent everyone and in every situation, not following oppression normativity as much as we can.

What is not represented, doesn´t exist, but what is represented become a reality. Represent society is a huge responsibility, doesn´t matter is a coat advertisement, a film or a novel. If every clothing is to make us happy, what do you wear when you are not. If every model is the same type of person and follows the same beauty cannon, what do you wear if you are not like that? If we usually represent a fragile or submissive woman does it mean that this is the way we see women, and we want to perpetuate their oppression?  You can tell me that is just a coat add, but doesn´t matter is a film, a novel or a short poem.

If we are not okay with what society is now, is our must to change it. And the first step is to not support what is wrong.


Rosa Gregory, model.

Delfina Piaggio, stylist assistant.

Luis Malibran, fashion photography teacher.

Yolanda Dominguez, artivism teacher. Her work has influenced me a lot in a positive way, so I let here her website, in case you don´t know yet her.

Los abrigos son para los lunes de lluvia1

Los abrigos son para los lunes de lluvia4