I am Maki Spariva, a multidisciplinary artist focused on Fine Arts Photography, art installation and poetry. I also have a huge passion for theatre, performance and circus.

I am studying Cinematography while I work as a social photographer, and earning experience in the audiovisual sector at Studios Q3.

Some experiences about myself:

I exhibited my work in Matadero Madrid, I studied photography in EFTI, I have organized several cultural events (like Festeen and -Mos).    I am a trans and antiespecist activist.

I have studied Design in Fine Arts at UCM university, I was disappointed and I had the courage to drop out to learn self-taught. Traveled around 24 countries mostly by myself, won some contests, co-founded a social theatre company, did a TEDx talk about poetry once…

I am looking to participate in more projects, I am an easy going person with tons of empathy, I enjoy the teamwork and creativity is my comfort zone.

If you want to know anything else about me, you can check resume (link here) or ask me directly.

A huge hug for you! 🙂

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